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Criminal Law Attorney in Greensboro, NC

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If you're looking for a criminal law attorney or a personnel labor attorney you can trust, consider Randle L. Jones. For over two decades, he has worked hard as an EEOC claims and employment law attorney to gain the respect of his colleagues and his clients in Greensboro, NC. If you're facing a serious felonies offense, or simply need a confidential consultation with a DWI attorney, call today.

Facing legal issues can be tough. You have to be certain that your rights are protected. When you work with Randle L. Jones, you'll receive attentive, compassionate legal representation from a lawyer who really listens to your needs. Randle L. Jones has made a name for himself as an aggressive defense lawyer who is always advocating for the rights of his clients. Whether you are looking for a criminal law attorney or a personnel labor attorney, Mr. Jones can help. He has the knowledge, the experience and the skill to bring your case to its optimal conclusion in an efficient manner.

Make Mr. Jones your criminal law attorney!

A DWI attorney for your serious felonies offense.

Randle L. Jones knows the law. He knows the courts. And he always fights for the rights of his clients. Randle L. Jones got started as a criminal law attorney because he wanted to dedicate himself to making positive social change happen in his community. He served as Mayor of Stokesdale, NC from 1993 to 2003, and again in 2005 to the present, for the same reason. When you hire him as your criminal law attorney, you can be certain that he really cares about bringing your case to its optimal conclusion for you. He is especially skilled in protecting the rights of those accused of drug offenses and serious felonies offense charges.

Randle L. Jones can also be your DWI attorney in the Greensboro, NC area. When you need to call a DWI attorney, make sure that you make the right decision. You want someone who can bring your DWI case to the best possible conclusion as quickly as possible. Randle L. Jones can do this. When you choose him as your DWI attorney, you can be sure that he'll fight aggressively for your rights while also speeding the process along with the knowledge and insight that only someone with decades of legal experience can provide.

Make Randle L. Jones your employment law attorney.

A skilled personnel labor attorney who can evaluate your EEOC claims.

Aside from his work as a criminal law attorney, Randle L. Jones can also serve you as a personnel labor attorney and employment law attorney. When you're negotiating employee agreements and contracts, employee benefits, EEOC claims and employment, having Mr. Jones by your side can help. He has the knowledge and the experience to comprehensively evaluate your situation.

So when you're offered an employment contract or an executive compensation agreement, bring it to the personnel labor attorney you can trust. Mr. Jones can provide deep insight and foresight that can help you to prevent compensation and employment issues down the road. Your employment situation is too important to go ahead with before consulting with a personnel labor attorney.

Randle L. Jones is also a skilled employment law attorney helping the citizens of Greensboro, NC to evaluate their EEOC claims. In the United States, it is illegal to discriminate in hiring, promotions, termination or employment in general on the basis of a person's race, gender, national origin, religion, disability or age. It is also illegal to retaliate against someone for opposing this kind of discrimination, or for seeking the counsel of an employment law attorney.

That said, EEOC claims are often brought about for exactly this kind of discrimination. These kind of claims can come from a wide variety of situations. If you believe you may have been wrongfully terminated for seeking medical leave, for instance, you may have a potential EEOC claim on your hands. If that's the case, or if you feel that you have been discriminated against in some way with regards to employment, talk to Randle L. Jones today.

So no matter what kind of legal help you may need, Randle L. Jones is there for you in Greensboro, NC. As a criminal law attorney, he can help guide you through a serious felonies offense, or serve as your DWI attorney. He can also serve as your employment law attorney or personnel labor attorney if you think you might have EEOC claims. Call today for a free initial confidential consultation. 

Criminal Law Attorney Greensboro, NC Employment Law Attorney Greensboro, NC

Professional Leadership:

  • North Carolina Association of Public Defenders
  • Rotary Club of the Triad
  • Graduate National Law Institute – FBI Academy, Quantico, VA
  • Federal District Court - Eastern, Middle, & Western District
  • US Court of Appeals for 4th Circuit
  • U.S.  Supreme Court


  • North Carolina Central University School of Law - Juris Doctor May 1989
  • Guilford College – B.S. Administration of Justice
  • Wake Forest University – B.A. History

Mr. Jones enjoys horseback riding and has been married for 26 years with one daughter, 15. He is proud to serve the Greensboro, NC area.

Products & Services

Randle L. Jones, Esq., provides his clients quality legal counsel in employment law, personnel labor, criminal law, traffic tickets, serious felony and DWI offenses in Guilford Country and surrounding areas. 

He has been in private practice since 2008. 

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  • North Carolina State Bar
  • US Supreme Court
  • Fourth Circuit court of Appeals
  • Federal District Court
  • US Court of Appeals for 4th Circuit
  • US Supreme Court